Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Weekend Deals

Go here to receive a free lip product (up to a $12 value) with any purchase from Bath & Body Works:
Ends Sunday, 4/26
(you can buy a $1 gift bag or clearance item and still receive the lip product free)

The Bertolli meals are $4.98 at Kroger this week. My family loved the ones I bought on Tuesday, so I went and snagged a couple more.
Use this coupon for $2 off the oven baked ones:

Pillsbury family sized brownies are 10/$10 this week at Kroger too.
Use the .35 mc coupon that came out a couple of weeks ago...makes them .30 ea.!

I always like to get a jump start on the upcoming week, especially at Walgreens and CVS.
Starting Sunday, Walgreens will have Nivea body wash for $4.99 and you get a 4.99RR for buying it. Ecotrin asprin will be $2 and you'll receive a $2RR for it .

Go here to print coupons for Nivea and the Ecotrin to make these money makers!
Ecotrin $2.25 coupon: (print limit 2)

Nivea $1 coupon: (there seems to be no limit on the Nivea coupon!)

Lastly, if you're enjoying this blog, please feel free to leave me a comment! I'd love to hear from you! Have a great weekend!!! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet Deals at Kroger

Kroger continues the 10/$10 sale... fruits & vegs are apart of the sale this week too.
Tyson chicken is BOGO free and Kroger milk is $1.50 per gallon.

In addition to using mc's & printables (which are doubled) you can also add coupons to your Kroger card that will automatically be taken off when you check out.

Go here to add coupons to your card: and

Here are some highlights from my trip today:

Bertolli Pasta Dinners $4.98 (1.25 mc)
FP(final price): $3.73...these are reg. $8.99

Bird's Eye Steamfresh vegs $1 (.50/2 doubled)
FP: 2/.50

Kid Cuisine $1.79 or $2.00 ($1/3)
FP: $1.45 or $1.66 (when you buy 3)

Colgate Wisp $1 (.50 doubled printable)

Eggo Waffles: $1.49 (.75 mc)
FP: .74

Fresh Express Salad: $1 ($1/2 mc from one of those little red machines near the salad)
FP: .50 ea

PF Goldfish:$1 (no coupon, but the kids love them!)

Yoplait Yogurt 6 ct. : $2.55 (.35 mc doubled, plus shortcuts $1 & .75 coupons added to card)
FP: .97 ea (I had to buy 2 for all coupons to be taken off...great price for these!)

Capri Sun 10 ct.: $1.79 ($1 mc from Sunday's insert)
FP: .79

Ortega taco seasoning mix: .99 ($1/2 mc from All You magazine)
FP: .50 ea

Huggies small pack wipes: $1 (.50 mc doubled from Sunday's insert)

Barilla pasta: $1.59 ($1 mc)
FP: .59

McCormick Grill Mate Seasonings: $1 (.50 mc doubled from Sunday's insert)

Powerade: $1 (.50 mc doubled)

Monday, April 20, 2009

CVS: Dove Skin Vitalizers .25 & More Aveno

The Dove Skin Vitalizers are on sale for $4.00 , reg. $12.99 at CVS (this is an unadvertised sale). Using printable coupons makes these .25 or .50 each.
Go here to print $3.75 coupons: (UPDATE: print limit reached)

I scanned my card and received a $2.50 CVS coupon for any Dove face product. Also, the Aveno deal is not 1, but 3 limits per household ( $1.98 carried over toward this deal from my purchase yesterday) Here's my transaction:

(4) Dove Skin Vitalizers $4 ea (used 2-$3.75 and 2-$3.50 coupons)

(3) Aveno Clarifying cleansers $7 ea (used $10/3 Aveno coupon)

(1) Aveno face soap $2.99 ($2 Aveno coupon)

(1) Bayer Crystal 4ct. $2 (found a $1 mc near the display for the Bayer)

Total before tax: $41.99

Used: $12 ECB's, $2.50 CVS Dove coupon, $27.50 mc's

Total OP: $1.13 (only paid tax!)

Receive $12 ECBs - $10 (Aveno) and $2 (Bayer)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


For Earth Week, Target is giving each customer a reusable bag when you check out.

Easter clearance 90% off!
My local Targets still had quite a few items left....
(gift bags .12 , tissue paper . 9, egg coloring kits .9)

I had to purchase my 2 papers and picked up a few other items too:

(2)Walgreens plastic forks & spoons 2/.99 after IS coupon

(3) Reach floss .99 after IS coupon (used$3/3 mc) FREE

(2) Reach Ultra floss 2/$5 (used $1.50/2 mc)

(2) Newspapers $2 ea

(1) Skintimate $2.99

Total: $15.95
used $8 RR, $4.50 mc's
Final OP Total : 3.46 (.80 tax) $4.26
Received: $5.50RR - $3RR (Skintimate), $2.50RR (Reach Ultra floss)

CVS: Aveno Deal

I'd plan to only purchase the Crest Pro-Health and Edge shave gel at CVS today, however, I scanned my card and I received a $5 off $30 CVS purchase. So, I decided to give the Aveno deal a try! (buy $25 of Aveno products and get back $10 ECB)

Go here to print $10/3, $5/2 & $2/1 Aveno coupons:

Here's what I did:

(1) Aveno Clarifying Cleanser $7 (apart of the $10/3 Aveno coupon)

(2) Aveno Positively Radiant 28ct cleansing cloths $7 ea. (apart of the $10/3 Aveno coupon)

(2) Aveno cleansing bar soaps $2.99 ea. (used $5/2 Aveno coupon)

(2) Crest Pro-Health toothpaste $2.88 ea. (used 2 .75 mc's)

(1) Edge shave gel $2.89

Total: $35.63

Used: $13 in ECB , $5/30 CVS coupon, $15 Aveno printables, and $1.50 mc for Crest

Final OP total: $1.13 (.58 tax) $1.71

Received : $16. 89 ECB - $10 ECB (Aveno), $4 ECB (Crest), $2.89 (Edge shave gel)