Friday, May 21, 2010

Price Matching @ Walmart

Price Matching is not something I do very often, but I'm trying to get better at it! Target and Walmart will price match sale items from other grocery or drug stores in my area. I noticed this week Walgreens has Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gels for $2.50 ea but they do not carry the 2 in 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Complete Kit. So I decided to price match the gels at Walmart so I can use the mfc to get the complete kit FREE. I got 4 Scrubbing Bubbles products for 75 cents each plus here are some other deals I found:

(2) Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning gels @ $2.50 price match

minus 2 $1 mfc found HERE

FP: $1.50 ea

(2) Scrubbing Bubbles 2 in 1 Fresh Brush Complete Kit @ $6.28 ea

minus 2 Buy SC cleaning gel, get SB Complete Kit FREE found HERE

FP: FREE for both

(2) Capri Sun @ $1.97 ea

minus 2 $1 mfc (needed to use these soon...expire 5/23)

FP: 97 cents ea

(1) White Cloud toilet paper @ $2

minus $1 mfc from June issue of All You magazine

FP: $1

FREE Old Spice & Gillette Body Wash

All week long I've been stocking up on Old Spice and Gillette body wash from Walgreens and have $18 in RR's to use next week! When you buy one at $4.49, you receive a $4.50 RR. To make this deal even sweeter, there are many BOGO FREE mfc's for Old Spice and Gillette body wash out right now.

Buy 2 Old Spice or Gillette body washes @ $4.49 ea

Minus BOGO FREE mfc

FP: $4.49 for both

Receive $4.50 RR

*Just remember that you can not use this RR to pay for another set of body washes because they are both P&G products*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FREE Lysol Healthy Touch

Its official, our beloved Ukrop's stores have been taken over by Martin's! I was a little discouraged by all of the changes, but I recently received a Martin's booklet filled with coupons for the entire month of May in the mail and became encouraged...a little! The booklet included $3 off $30 purchase coupons, plus coupons for FREE items, so it tempted me to match up my coupons to their sale items. I did pretty good yesterday with my match-ups and saved over $50 after coupons!

In addition to all the other sale items, I was happy to see that this week the Lysol Healthy Touch starter kits were on sale buy one, get one FREE. I had 2 more $5 off mfc which expire 5/25. The shelf price for these were $9.99, so I was pretty excited when I got up to the register because I knew that I would get both of them for FREE after my 2 $5 mfc! But I got an even bigger surprise! The 2 Lysol kits would not ring up BOGO FREE, so the cashier called over the store manager. The manager was extremely polite, apologetic and told me that since the items were advertised as BOGO FREE and not ringing up properly that I will receive both FREE of charge, plus the money for my coupons! WHAT???!! She gave me back $9.50 (they had to charge me 50 cents for the tax). I was completely surprised. Its Martin's policy that if an item does not ring up correctly, you receive the item FREE of charge! I miss Ukrop's but Martin's is starting to grow on me! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rolling Target $5 gift cards

I'm loving all of the Target gift card offers lately! I decided to roll a couple of them today. Here's what I purchased today for $13.29 op and still have another $5 Target gift card to use next time! Remember to go HERE to print Target coupons that can be combined with manufacture coupons.

Transaction #1

(2) Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning gel @ $3.94 ea

minus 1 $1 mfc (only has 1 mfc that had not expired)

(1) Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush @ $6.29

minus Buy SB cleaning gel, get Fresh Brush FREE

Used FREE $5 gift card when you purchase 3 SB products

FP: $2.29 ea

(2) Planters Trail Mix packs @ $2.98 ea

minus $1/2 mfc

minus 2 $1 Target coupons off any Planters products

FP: $1.48 ea

(1) Nivea body wash @ $3.99

minus $4 mfc


(2) Dove deodorant, plus spray mist free @ $3.49 ea

minus 2 $2 Dove printables

minus 2 $1 Target coupon off any Dove products

FP: 49 cents ea

(1) Kleenex towels @ $2.99

minus $1 mfc

minus $1 Target coupon off Kleenex towels

FP: 99 cents ea

Total: $11.80

Minus $5 Target gift card from last week

Final Total: $6.80 ($1.35 tax) = $8.15 op

Received $5 Target gift card for Scrubbing Bubbles products

Transaction #2

(1) Kashi cereal @ $2.88

minus $1 mfc

(4) Kashi granola bars @ $2.79 ea

minus 2 $1.50/2 off any Kashi granola bars printable

Total: $10.04

Minus $5 Target gift card from last transaction

Final Total: $5.04 (.10 tax) = $5.14 op

Received $5 Target gift card for purchasing 5 Kashi products